Three new books with wonderful photographs of East Lothian, North Berwick & area

Front cover of North Berwick, the Bass Rock and its Gannets book by Ian Goodall
North Berwick, the Bass Rock and its Gannets

Scotland has some wonderful scenery, the best usually associated with the Highlands and Islands. But less than 25 miles east of Edinburgh, on the Firth of Forth, the East Lothian town of North Berwick has its own magic and charm. It’s so accessible by railway and road and is a gem of a place to live, to holiday in and to visit. This collection of landscape and seascape photographs includes an amazing variety of coastline, countryside, beaches and islands from bays to the west and east of North Berwick Harbour to, east of the town, Tantallon Castle, the Bass Rock and Seacliff. £12.95

Front cover of From North Berwick with love book by Ian Goodall    

From North Berwick with love

A then and now story of North Berwick - East Lothian’s popular seaside town - through postcards sent by its visitors and holidaymakers over more than 100 years. Picture postcards have captured, as individual time capsules, every essence of a place, its beaches, streets, people and activities. On one side there’s a picture capturing the scene as it was; on the other there’s personal space for a message to convey excitement, participation, anticipation or just to confirm you’re boring/bored or feel the need to bore someone else (usually a relative). Postcards were the social media of the day but with one big difference - the original card and its message is still around years later to appear forever in “From North Berwick with love”. The book also contains lots of lovely recent photographs in and around North Berwick so you can enjoy the now with the then. £14.95


Glorious Gannets, the Bass Rock and North Berwick

The most spectacular of the islands off the coast of East Lothian is the Bass Rock, rising majestically out of the sea with near-vertical sides apart from the south side where the landing jetties, lighthouse, old castle walls and chapel ruins are located. The Bass, which gave its name to the northern gannet (Sula bassana or Morus bassanus), is home to the world’s largest colony of northern gannets with more than 150,000 birds. A boat trip round the Bass Rock is a memorable experience. Landing on the Bass and observing the glorious gannets up close is awesome and a photographer’s dream, shared in this book of amazing photographs. £9.95

These books are available via Amazon worldwide. They are also stocked in North Berwick by Paper Flower, Sweet News, North Berwick Newsagent, Tippecanoe and the Scottish Seabird Centre.
Front cover of Glorious Gannets, the Bass Rock and North Berwick book by Ian Goodall