North Berwick, the Bass Rock and the Isle of May

Seascapes and Landscapes: Book Two

Second collection of Ian's landscape and seascape photographs includes an amazing variety of coastline, countryside, beaches and islands from bays to the west and east of North Berwick harbour. East of the town visit Tantallon Castle, the Bass Rock, Seacliff beach and harbour and eight miles off the East Lothian coast, the Isle of May. At North Berwick harbour visitors enjoy locally-caught lobster and take a boat around Craigleith and the Bass and make landing trips to the Bass Rock and May Island. This book includes photographs of spectacular sunsets, panoramas from the top of the Law, snow scenes and Christmas lights in the High Street. Includes a special ‘up close’ selection of gannets on the Bass Rock, the iconic island, home to the world’s largest single-island northern gannet colony of over 150,000 birds. There's a special section on the Isle of May, its lighthouses and birds including puffins, arctic terns and kittiwakes.
Author: Ian Goodall. RRP: £9.95

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