From North Berwick with love

Then and now through old picture postcards, maps and prints

A then and now story of North Berwick - East Lothian’s popular seaside town - through postcards sent by its visitors and holidaymakers over more than 100 years. Picture postcards have captured, as individual time capsules, every essence of a place, its beaches, streets, people and activities. On one side there’s a picture capturing the scene as it was; on the other there’s personal space for a message to convey excitement, participation, anticipation or just to confirm you’re boring/bored or feel the need to bore someone else (usually a relative). Postcards were the social media of the day but with one big difference - the original card and its message is still around years later to be immortalised in “From North Berwick with love”. This lovely book includes a special section of selected postcards by RP Phillimore, who lived in North Berwick. From North Berwick with love also features many old prints & maps and lots of lovely recent photographs in and around North Berwick so you can enjoy the now with the then.
Author: Ian Goodall. RRP: £14.95

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