WISH YOU WERE HERE in North Berwick: Book Two

Old postcards of North Berwick in a ‘big picture’ book

Ian Goodall's book brings a larger-than-life look at many of the best local postcards from the last century. North Berwick's connection to the national rail network encouraged large numbers of postcard-sending holidaymakers to visit and stay for the beaches, boats, swimming pool, golf courses and invigorating sea air. There's a treasure trove of local history to enjoy in this easy to explore 'big picture' book. Features several postcards by the famous RP Phillimore, postcard creator and artist, who lived in North Berwick for many years.
Author: Ian Goodall. RRP: £7.95 

WishYouWereHere BookTwo-576x407

A website cannot do full justice to this book in which postcards are printed at four times their original size. The detail in the old postcard pictures is amazing and will blow your mind away!